Virginia Chesapeake Mission

Virginia Chesapeake Mission

Monday, September 1, 2014

MTC Fun!

Hey Everyone!

   Second week in the MTC was great! And now that I'm getting used to
it, it's time to head to Virginia! We leave on Wednesday Morning! I
can't wait! Nothin too crazy or extravagant happened this week. We
basically just had classes each day and learned a bunch! During gym
time on Saturday I was able to play some beach volleyball! That was
pretty great! I've been trying not to be too intense in any sports
during gym time, because last week some Elders sprained their ankles a
few days before going to the mission field!
   Life's been good here! Last night we had a devotional that was
about the importance of keeping a study journal. I never thought that
would be so important, but it is. If we write down the promptings and
revelation we receive from the Spirit, we will be more likely to act
upon those things. We will be more aware of the promptings we receive,
and we will grow closer to God. Another thing I learned is the
importance of Faith. Faith leads to action, and righteous action
brings us closer to Christ. This gospel is true and I love it!
   Next week, I'll be writing from Virginia!! Until then, have a great
week everyone!

With Love,

Elder Rogers