Virginia Chesapeake Mission

Virginia Chesapeake Mission

Monday, January 26, 2015

What a Miracle!

Hello Everyone!

We saw a wonderful miracle this week! And I can't wait to tell you, so I'll just get right in! First of all, our District decided to do a fast on Tuesday for our area, so that we could find more people to teach and that those we were teaching would feel the Spirit. As the week progressed, things were going well, and we ended up seeing several people on Saturday, so that was nice. But the miracle happened on Sunday.
We were sitting in Sacrament meeting when a family who we had invited to church walked in! I had never met them before, but it was wonderful to see them! They stayed throughout all of church and we even had a lesson with them afterwards! The Spirit was so strong and both the Father and Mother of the family accepted baptismal dates! There's a few of the first miracles. But here's the biggest one.
Shawn, the father, told us during the lesson that he's been a drinker for his whole life...but that he woke up on Wednesday with absolutely no desire to drink. That was the morning after our fast. What a wonderful miracle from our Father in Heaven! I know that fasting and prayer is real. I look forward to working with this family and I am grateful for a Father in Heaven who loves each of us! I love you all and hope that your week will be full of joy and happiness!

With Love,
Elder Rogers

P.S. My companion and I got some girl scout cookies this week!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Lil' Washington Life

Hello Everyone!

This week went well! The weather was slightly chilly, but it's starting to get warmer! On Monday we had a family home evening with the branch! We watched some Mormon Messages, and talked a little bit about our New Year's resolutions! Haha more on that later!

Throughout the week we contacted some people, tracted, and taught. There is a new member in our ward and we go over to his home sometimes and read the Book of Mormon with him! We can learn so much that will bless us in our lives from that book!

On Friday I went on exchanges with one of the zone leaders! We went down to the waterfront and walked and talked with all the people we passed! It was really fun and there were some people who said we could come teach them! Later on, he showed me how to make an omelet! It was super tasty!

I've been doin' a little bit of cooking this week as well! It's actually kinda fun! And it tastes a lot better than what I usually do!

So one of my New Year's resolutions was to try and never have seconds at members homes! Haha it worked for a little while...but on Tuesday we were at an older couple's home for dinner. We had some roast beef among other things, and it was really delicious! I made the mistake of eating too quickly, and the Sister said to me, "Elder, please take my roast beef. I'm not going to be able to eat it and you still look hungry." I tried saying no, but that didn't work! Haha so I'm gonna hafta keep trying! On the bright side, the roast beef was quite delectable!

This week I gained a new perspective on prayer. On Sunday, there was a lesson on it and how important it is. We truly can talk with God. Let us pray often, sincerely. And when we do, let us listen to Him speak to us. Our Heavenly Father loves us enough that He wants to talk with us each day. I invite each of you to pray more fervently, more sincerely, and more often. I know you will see a difference in your life. I love you all and hope each one of you has an amazing week!

With Love,
Elder Rogers

1-15-2015 Burrrr-Kart!

Hello Everyone!

This week was good! The subject of this email is a pun based on the weather here in Washington, NC and my new companion! His name is Elder Burkart and the weather is slightly on the chilly side! But I love it here so far!

On Wednesday, I met my new companion and we drove from Greenville to Washington. A member drove us and he seemed really nice! He's from Canada, so he instantly gained my friendship! (I'm half Canadian)

Later in the week we had dinner with some members in Bath, NC. Bath was the first city in North Carolina and it was really cool! Washington is by the coast and the water surrounding us is gorgeous! I'll definitely have to get some pictures and send them to y'all!

I led my first District Meeting on Friday and it went really well! Our district consists of Elder Burkart and I, a companionship of sisters, a senior couple, and the zone leaders. I think I'm going to love this area and the people here!

We taught a lesson about humility this week. Humility is aligning our will with God's will and if we are humble, we will be so much happier. Trust God and His will for each of you and you will be so blessed. I love you all and hope everyone's week is wonderful!

With Love,

Elder Rogers
Elder Rogers & Elder Burkart

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas & New Years!

Hey Everyone-

I hope your Christmas was great! And I hope your New Year's is just as wonderful! This week was quite enjoyable for me! I liked all of the festivities and fun! On Christmas day we were allowed to Skype our families! That was definitely the highlight of my week!
Overall, this week was really fun, but I'm also ready to get back to work. I'm also excited for the New Year! I can hardly believe we're almost to 2015! It's crazy how fast the year came and went! With the New Year comes the chance to make New Year's resolutions. I would invite everyone to come up with at least one resolution that will bring you closer to Christ. Our lives will be happier and more light will enter into them. Happy New Year's to everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful week!!


This week went well! First of all, the "opportunites" I referenced in the title are that I am getting transferred! I found out on Saturday that I will be going to Washington, North Carolina this week and my new companion will be Elder Burkart! I will also be serving as the District Leader there! I'm really excited for this opportunity and will strive to do my very best in fulfilling and magnifying it.

This week I was hardly with my companion. We went on three exchanges, so I was with three different missionaries throughout the course of the week! It was a little crazy, but also really fun! On Thursday, we saw several people we had been trying to see throughout the week and it was such a wonderful day!

Yesterday was my last Sunday in the Kinston 1st ward, and it was also fast Sunday, and so I decided to bear my testimony. I bore testimony of faith in Christ and how important that is. Our faith in Christ is so important! And we can build it through diligent scripture study and prayer. I love you all and hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

With Love,
Elder Rogers