Virginia Chesapeake Mission

Virginia Chesapeake Mission

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Snowrth Carolina

Hello Everyone!

We got a bunch of snow on Tuesday!! It reminded me so much of Pocatello! We weren't allowed to drive during that day, so my companion and I got all bundled up and went street contacting! At first, I thought nobody would be outside that we could talk to, but there were actually quite a few people! That was really fun, and it made us feel really wonderful at the end of the day to plop down on our slightly-worn recliners and relax for a moment!
Anyway, the snow melted pretty quickly which allowed us to drive for the rest of the week. We might have taken that a little too far when we almost drove 100 miles on Wednesday! Haha we had received two referrals from and so we drove to them and talked with them! They had both requested Bible's and so we brought them that and also introduced them to The Book of Mormon and gave them each a copy of that as well. I love how well each of these books of scripture go together. As we study them both with a sincere desire, we will be protected from the adversary and receive spiritual strength.
This week, we weren't able to meet with many of our investigators, but we did do some work with some of the Less-Active members of our branch. One of them was a lady and she had this rope swing in her yard and she told me to ride I did! Haha that was fun! But we were also able to teach her about the importance of the Sacrament and that was even better!
One lesson that was reemphasized to me this week was the power of the word of God. In Helaman 3:29 we learn that "whosoever will may lay hold upon the word of God, which is quick and powerful, which shall divide asunder all the cunning and the snares and the wiles of the devil..." What a wonderful promise! And there are so many more like it. I invite each of you to study the word of God daily. Pray and ask your Heavenly Father to teach you what you need to learn and He will. I know that as you do, you will receive strength over temptation and peace through the storm. I love you all and hope you have a brilliant week!

With Love,
Elder Rogers

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