Virginia Chesapeake Mission

Virginia Chesapeake Mission

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Hey Everyone!

  So there's this fast food place down here called Bojangles, and
it's real good! They have chicken and biscuits and this week I had my
first (and definitely not the last!) Boberry biscuit. It was
delicious! It's basically a biscuit with blueberries inside and
frosting on top. Mmmm! I would send a picture of it, but I didn't take I'll just send a picture of Bojangles.
   We had the opportunity this week to do some service, so that was
nice! We helped one of the ladies in the ward move. We moved a couple
fridges, a washer, a dryer, and almost flooded the house! Well, I
guess it wasn't that  bad. We disconnected a water hose from the back
of one of the fridges and water just started spraying out! After about
ten minutes of trying to shut off the water and a few buckets full of
water, we were able to turn it off. So that was fun! We were also able
to help out at a soup kitchen where they prepared food to give to
people that couldn't provide for themselves. We also washed off trays
and did some sweeping. I always feel good when I'm serving others.
Service is a wonderful way to show our love for others and our love
for God.
  On Saturday, we did something called Walk 'n' Talk where we just go
to somewhere where people are and walk and talk! (Like the title
suggests!) It was cool to just talk with others about the gospel and
their lives and how we can come unto Christ. The people in Kinston are
very religious and there are a lot of different churches around here.
Although our beliefs may differ, I have loved to see the faith which
so many people have in Christ. No matter where you are or what
religion you are, a firm faith in Christ and His teachings will help
you through life.
  This week was great and I love it here! I'm really excited for
General Conference this weekend! To be able to hear the words of a
Prophet of God is truly a blessing! I invite all of you to listen to
or watch General Conference this weekend! I know that there will be
talks that are specifically for each one of us and that can help us
with our lives right now. The gospel of Jesus Christ is true and it
brings true happiness! I hope everyone has a terrific week!

With Love,

Elder Rogers

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