Virginia Chesapeake Mission

Virginia Chesapeake Mission

Monday, December 15, 2014

My First Rejection!

Hello Everyone!

Well I'll start off this email by explaining the title! Recently, my companion and I have been doing a little more knocking doors and trying to find people to teach. This Saturday, we were in Snow Hill and we talked to several people and eventually came to a certain door upon which we knocked. After a short time we heard the voice of a lady say, "Who is it?" to which we responded in a jolly tone, "It's the missionaries!" And then came the rejection... in a soft but firm voice she said, "Go away." So we did! That was the first time on my mission something to that effect has happened. I count myself lucky! No slammed doors, no dogs sicked upon us, no yelling...just a soft no. Haha now that I say that, those things will probably happen! But if they do, we'll just keep pressing forward. I suppose that's one lesson that can be learned from the situation. No matter what happens in our lives, we should press forward with a positive attitude!
On Friday, we were able to attend a conference with Elder Snow of the Seventy! It was really great! Perhaps one of the biggest things I learned that day came from his wife. She talked about the hymns and how they are scripture. She referred to the Hymn Book as the green scriptures! She also mentioned the importance of singing the hymns in our Sabbath day worship. The hymns truly do bring the Spirit, and they can teach us so much truth.
Yesterday something one of the speakers said stuck out to me! I believe she was quoting a General Conference talk when she asked "What is our gift to Christ this year for His birthday?" That really caused me to think. What are we giving Christ? He gave us the ultimate and wonderful gift of His Atonement and the option to choose Eternal life! I would invite each of you to think what you're going to give Him for Christmas. Maybe you'll devote yourself more diligently to daily scripture study. Maybe you'll make your prayers more sincere and meaningful. Maybe you'll choose to repent of some transgression that is holding you back. Maybe you'll strive to be more positive and loving towards everyone around you. Maybe you'll be a friend to someone who doesn't have many. Maybe you'll share the gospel with a friend. Whatever your gift to Christ is, I know that He will be very grateful for it, and it will bless your own life so very much! I love you all and I hope your Holiday Season is joyous and your week is wonderful!

With Love,
Elder Rogers

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