Virginia Chesapeake Mission

Virginia Chesapeake Mission

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Week!

Hey Everyone!

Merry Christmas! I hope that it's fantastic for everyone! This week was great! The weather was really nice, which was especially helpful, since we were biking! But anyway, there were some really wonderful things that happened this week!
First of all, we contacted some investigators that we haven't seen for about a month or so! That was exciting! And to make it even better, they moved to a home that will be a nicer place to raise their daughter, they got a car, and they both have jobs! So that's wonderful! We taught them a few times and things are really looking up for them!
We were able to help out a recent convert clean her home this week! She basically keeps everything and won't throw it away. But it was really cool because she told us she wanted to have the Spirit in her home and she knew that He wouldn't abide in a messy place. So my companion, the Spanish missionaries, and I went a few days to help her out! Haha, to be honest, it was pretty fun! We threw away something to the order of 12 big ol' trash cans full! It was a lot! And there's still more! But she was really appreciative and it's always nice to be able to serve.
We went caroling as a district last night!! That was extremely fun! Haha we were able to sing to several families and they loved it! When we went to an investigator's home, one of their little boys, started singing "Joy to the World" with us! That was pretty funny! We had a really wonderful time and hopefully brightened some of their days!

And last but not least, our Sacrament meeting yesterday was exceptional! It was Christmas themed and several of the musical numbers were so beautiful! The Spirit was so strong and I just felt so much peace. The overarching theme, or message, was the sole and primary message of Christmas. That of the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior. My testimony of Him was strengthened just in that short period of time. He truly is the Christ, God's Only Begotten Son in the flesh. It is in Him and through Him that we can receive the most joy in this life and eternal Salvation in the life to come. I know He lived and died for us, and that He lives again. I pray that each of us will remember Him as we enjoy and celebrate Christmas, and I hope we will remember Him each and every day. I love every one of you and so does He. Have a very merry Christmas!

With Love,
Elder Rogers

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